Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome to MergingPot's Blog

This is the blog for a new Social Web Application, MergingPot (TM), developed by HoloMathics, LLC, which will soon be available in Alpha.

What is MergingPot?

In life, you have friends, you belong to communities. Those friends, those communities, are based on real interests you share, common viewpoints and outlooks on life.

The majestic experience of Web 2.0 has put all of us in touch with millions of individuals, with virtually endless possibilities of social interaction.

But, there is a big but: if so-and-so is to become your friend, a real friend, not just a face on your list, the same sharing must take place.

We know it all, having hundreds of "friends" on Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, etc., and asking ourselves: are they really friends?

MergingPot is an attempt to bridge this gap, by helping you find your kin, your groups, your communities, and also by letting you enter a new yet familiar world:

Interest Space, a vast universe of topics you may decide to explore. Imagine yourself navigating through topics and islands of interests, and meeting cool people along the way...

Very well, say you.

Stay tuned. The countdown to a new social web has begun...