Monday, September 8, 2008

An Augmented Social Cognition Tool for Web 3.0

A few years ago I participated in a fascinating effort sponsored by DARPA, known as Augmented Cognition or AugCog.

The idea was not entirely new, especially to SF aficionados (it is enough to think of Vernor Vinge for a remarkable forerunner of related speculations). When I started thinking of web social nets, it occurred to me that there should be a branch of AugCog entirely devoted to social intelligence. Well, there is, and is called, surprise!, Augmented Social Cognition (ASC).

Now, there is probably no better definition (albeit a bit technical for most folk ) than saying this:

MergingPot is a ASC web 3.0 tool, that strives at once to speed-up and enhance the quality of social interaction on the Net.

Why is it needed?

1) because we all need a little help on the social intelligence side, don't we? Not many amongst us are blessed with a social IQ of a great leader, a great showman, a great actor

2) because it is sad to see the vast amount of social information on the web vastly untapped, at least from the point of view of users.

I just wish to conclude with a personal statement: Web 3.0 will be characterized by its preponderant usage as an arena for a new level of intelligent social interaction. It is already getting there, it only needs a little kick...


Ed H. Chi said...

Indeed, the idea of "Augmented Social Cognition" was influenced by the DARPA Augmented Cognition program. We had intended to participate in that line of research, but became more interested in what was happening in the Web2.0 world.

Polymathicus said...

And I think you were right on target. There is no doubt that the Web 2.0 is de facto acting as a "magnifier" for social intelligence. However, I believe that there will be a next stage in the Web, which wil put in focus the ASC aspects.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Please come back, and all the best with your research.