Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Web as an Ocean of Interests

At the physical level, the WWW is nothing more than a bunch of servers linked together.

We are used to think of the net a bit more abstractly, as content hyperlinked. Interconnected data, of heterogeneous type (text, images, video,...). But, the abstraction layers can (and will ) go up, lending to this spectacular creation of the human mind a more "anthropomorphic " face.

One possible direction is the following: think of interests, topics, hyperlinked to one another.

What are their link?

People are their links.

By sharing different interests, they glue them together in a vast semantic network.

That ocean of topics of (possible) interest is Interest Space.

People live in Interest Space like aquatic creatures, they swim and quite often aggregate by sharing with others an endlessly growing variety of topics.

Fascinating, right?

It is about time we learn how to navigate this vast ocean with some good compass..

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